29 May 2012 - CNH in the Field for Earthquake Emergency in Italy

TURIN, Italy – (May 31, 2012) – Following the earthquakes that severely struck the Emilia region of Italy, on May 20th and 29th, CNH, which is present in the area with a manufacturing plant in Modena and a research and development and logistics center in San Matteo (MO),  offered the Italian Civil Protection Department an emergency-rescue unit consisting of construction machinery, mobile service vans and operators.

Under the Italian Civil Protection Department’s coordination, the unit is currently operating autonomously and comprises:

- 12 earth moving machines, including light (telehandlers, mini excavators, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders) and  heavy (excavators, wheel loaders) equipment from the New Holland brands, 5 mobile service vans, and Iveco trucks for transporting rubble
- 20 operators and mechanics, including personnel from CNH and its Dealers

The unit, which is organized into four teams, is already operational in those municipalities worst hit by the earthquakes: Cavezzo (MO), Finale Emilia (MO) and Medolla (MO). It is currently at work creating a drainage system, preparing a surface area for an evacuee camp, cleaning the streets of the historical center, demolishing dangerous buildings and disposing of rubble.

Furthermore, in light of the instability of numerous industrial facilities in the areas hit by the earthquakes, the company has made its industrial complex in Cento (FE) available to local companies in need of a site where they can quickly resume their production activities.

For what concerns its customers in the region, CNH, via its customer assistance, is conducting visits to agricultural companies and contractors in the area who have suffered damage to their machinery so that they might resume their activities as soon as possible.

Lastly, the company is conducting the necessary inspections to ascertain that their own structures have not suffered any damage that might jeopardize their stability and that they are in suitable condition for work activities to resume in full safety.