18 Apr 2012 - New Holland Construction launches new Tier 4i backhoe loaders

New Holland renews its complete backhoe loader offering. The four models in the new C Series line-up – all featuring New Holland’s Tier 4 interim technology – deliver enhanced engine response with exceptional fuel efficiency and serviceability:
o    More power and faster response with the new Tier 4 interim engines
o    Fuel consumption down by 14% with the new engines and Load Sensing system
o    Top performance and ease of operation with Auto-glide Ride Control
o    Improved serviceability with the new tilt forward hood
o    New entry-level model and high-spec Tool Carrier configuration

A powerful performance low in emissions
The new C Series backhoe loaders run 3.4 litre highly responsive engines ranging from 97 hp to 110 hp. These powerful engines, developed by FPT Industrial, deliver as much as 10 hp more than any other models available on the market in this segment.
The new models meet Tier 4 interim emissions standards with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). With this solution, the production of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is reduced inside the engine by lowering combustion temperature through recirculation of cooled exhaust gas, while particulate matter levels are lowered with the DPF exhaust filter.
A fuel-efficient performance cuts operating costs
In addition to the highly fuel efficient engines, which reduce consumption by up to 4% compared to previous models, the C Series backhoe loaders benefit from the Load Sensing system with variable displacement pump. Together, these features add up to as much as 14% less fuel consumption than the previous gear pump models.
A productive performance with Auto-glide Ride Control
The new Auto-glide Ride Control replaces the Glide Ride System available in previous models, introducing significant improvements. With this feature, the new C Series deliver a much stronger loader performance and are easier to operate. The Auto-glide Ride Control eliminates the rebound of the loader when travelling, reducing spillage at speeds as high as 40 km/h. It is automatically activated at speeds exceeding 5 km/h and shuts off when travelling at lower speeds, for example when pushing into a soil pile. This enables the operators to work more efficiently, as they can keep their hands on the steering wheel and joystick.
Serviceability adds up to more uptime and productivity
The flip-up hood of previous models has been replaced by a new tilt forward hood, which is easy to open and provides ample access. All key daily servicing points are easily accessible for efficient maintenance, so that it’s easy to maximise uptime and profitability of the new C Series backhoe loaders.
New line-up built around the customers’ needs
At the low end of the range, the new B100 C replaces the B90 B, introducing a new configuration at entry level that includes power shuttle and mechanic control, gear pump, mechanical transport lock, two front and rear lights and standard seat, matching the requirements of customers looking for a simple and powerful machine.
A new B100 C TC configuration is now available, with Power Shift transmission and Pilot controls. This hi-spec model is perfect for the most demanding customer who needs the assurance of a top performance in the most difficult conditions.
High versatility adds value
The C Series backhoe loaders are available with a full range of attachments, including augers, snow blades and hydraulic hammers. To make it even easier and quicker to hook up the attachments, an optional auxiliary hydraulic circuit is available for use with a mechanical quick-attach system or an electro-hydraulic quick coupler.