18 Apr 2012 - New Holland previews new E140C SR short radius excavator at Intermat 2012

New Holland has chosen the Intermat show to preview the E140C SR crawler excavator, which will be available in the market later in the year. This 13-ton, short radius excavator complies with Tier 4 interim emissions regulations and features New Holland Kobelco’s unique iNDr system. The quietest in the industry, this short radius model is ideal for the urban jobsite:
o    More fuel savings and productivity with the high-efficiency hydraulics and new ECO working mode
o    Ultra quiet operation with the unique iNDr cooling system: just 93dB ambient noise
o    More comfort and safety with the iNDr system, EVO cab and multifunctional monitor
o    Built-in reliability and durability with reinforced boom and easy serviceability

High efficiency equals more fuel savings and productivity
The E140C SR, which replaces the E135B SR, runs a 99hp engine like its predecessor and meets the strict Tier 4 interim emissions standards with New Holland’s Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology. 
The E140C SR features New Holland’s intelligent hydraulic system, which puts the operator in full control of the machine’s efficiency. The Hydrotonic combines highly advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated hydraulic system to maximise performance according to the task being performed. The high efficiency hydraulic system ensures 100 percent pump utilisation in all applications and the hydraulic design minimises friction losses and pressure drops, adding to the machine’s fuel economy.
The Advanced Electronic Processor (A.E.P.) has been upgraded with the addition of a new ECO working mode, which optimises fuel consumption while maintaining top performance.
The new multifunction monitor enables the operator to control the machine’s efficiency at all times: they can keep track of hourly consumption with the fuel economy meter, while the ECO Icon tells them when the machine is operating most efficiently.
Ultra quiet operation
The E140C SR features New Holland Kobelco’s revolutionary Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction (iNDr) cooling system, which minimises noise, optimises cooling and maximises particulate filtration. The engine is placed inside a single duct connecting the air intake to the exhaust outlet. The iNDr system manages effectively incoming and outgoing air, funneling it up and away from the excavator, so that the machine runs cleaner, quieter and more efficiently.
The result is improved engine performance due to the excellent filtration and engine cooling together with an exceptional reduction in noise levels. This makes the E140C SR ideal for urban jobsites, where low noise and emissions levels are required as well as the ability to work in tight spaces.
Comfort and safety
The ROPS and FOPS compliant EVO cab provides the operator with a comfortable workstation to work with confidence and efficiently. They can work with confidence with the exceptional all round visibility provided by the EVO cab’s full size right window and standard rear-view camera. They are able to see the rear of the machine while monitoring the excavator’s data on the multifunctional monitor. The iNDr system, dampers and enhanced soundproofing result in remarkably low noise and vibration levels, adding to the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue.
Built-in reliability and durability
The E140C SR is built to last, with its reinforced boom and easy serviceability. All main service points, including iNDr components, are accessible at ground level.